LeanSSC/Kanban US conference 2011 – #LSSC11 – Are you coming?

  The Lean Software and Systems Consortium US-based community conference will be May 3-6 next year, in Long Beach California. I'll be there, talking about  "Using Kanban and CFD to effectively manage Agile Testing" For some initial ideas in that area you can checkout earlier blog posts as well as  http://www.slideshare.net/yyeret/using-kanban-and-cfd-to-effectively-manage-agile-testing The Lean Software and Systems Conference is the Kanban conference …

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Lean/Agile Testing

I've been a bit quiet lately on the blog front (as well as twitter for those who are following) Mainly I've been busy preparing an Agilesparks Agile Testing training with Ronen Bar Nahor. While a lot of work, it has been a great experience. We tried to take some of the Lean/Kanban work we've been …

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David Anderson shares Goals for using Kanban

Goals for using Kanban tags: kanban, agileblog Goals for using Kanban Goal 1. Improved performance through process improvements introduced with minimal resistance Goal 2. Deliver with High Quality policies around what is acceptable before a work item can be pulled to the next step in the process focus on quality by limiting work-in-progress Goal 3. …

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