LSSC11 – My impressions/takeaways

Impressions Keynotes – The Keynote by Chet Richards was AMAZING. He is a great speaker, and his content was just right for opening the LSSC conference. He had tough competition with David Snowden talking about Complexity, so instead of chosing the best keynote, I’m mainly glad we could enjoy both. Snowden’s keynote was tougher to digest, …

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Reasons to come early to conferences, or at least to LSSC Lean Software and Systems Conferences

Its early wednesday, I’m at Long Beach for LSSC11 – the main US conference for the Lean Software Systems Consortium also at – the community practicing and leading Lean and Kanban in software development. The main conference starts this morning and my talk is this afternoon, but so much has happened already, I’m really glad …

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