My thoughts on how Kanban and TOC Critical Chain relate

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Background I recently had a short twitter chat with Catherine Swetel and Steven Holt about the relation between TOC Critical Chain and Kanban. This post will try to sum up my thoughts in a way that is a little bit more persistent, as well as add a bit more color and depth that is not possible in 140 characters. To start with, lets just make clear - I'm no expert at TOC or Critical Chain. I've done my share of [...]

Encouraging Feature-level progress tracking in Kanban

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One of the key questions project managers and senior management in general ask themselves and their teams on an ongoing basis is - "Are we on track to deliver the scope we committed to, on time". In some environments "on budget" is added to the question. If you are talking about a Release Scope, the answers are quite similar whether you're doing Scrum or Kanban. If you don't care too much about the budget aspects, a Release Burnup can show you the [...]

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