Explore Product Owner / Team responsibilities Exercise

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I wanted to share an exercise I created in a workshop last week One of the topics we wanted to explore was the responsibilities/activities of Product Owners and the Agile Team and how do they relate. The objective of the exercise was to understand the various activities and how they map in the continuum between PO and Team and across the product development life cycle. The steps of the exercise are the following: Map all the activities related to the [...]

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Next public Kanban workshop I’m delivering – on Feb 8 2011

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The next public Kanban workshop in israel is coming up in just a few weeks - also see http://agilesparks.com/kanban+for+managers What can you expect? Well, you might want to go check out the syllabus So far we've been getting rave reviews for the workshop. It seems to be getting across the essence of what Kanban means for the product development/maintenance world. The experience includes playing the kanban game, doing exercises and thinking about your own environment, as well as discussing the [...]

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Pictures from Kanban workshop for Managers

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Today I delivered the first public Kanban workshop for managers in Israel The feedback was great overall, and there is a lot of interest in creating a community to keep taking this forward. We'll see how to do that In the meantime see some pictures from the event over at agilesparks, thanks to Gil from Agilesparks for the photography!

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