Expanding My Collaborative Horizon – Teaming Up with Flow Sphere

Today, I want to share a major business update. Last week I associated my SAFe SPCT (and Fellowship) with Flow Sphere as part of a strategic partnership between Flow Sphere and my consulting practice Yeret Agility.

Flow Sphere is a premier boutique agile consultancy, SAFe Gold SPCT Partner, and Scrum.org PTN, led by Sacha Czudek and Stephan Neck – two of my favorite SPCTs. We share a common pragmatic perspective, with SAFe being just one approach to scaling agility.

With Sacha and Stephan in Switzerland, Nagesh Sharma in India, and now me in the United States, we now have both geographical breadth that aligns with many of the enterprises we’re serving as well as the professional diversity through expertise in SAFe, Professional Scrum, Flight Levels, OKRs, Lean Startup and beyond.

We’ve already had a chance to collaborate on a SAFe/Flow Pharma IT engagement. It is one example of the value we can unlock for our clients through this strategic partnership.

I look forward to collaborating with Nagesh, Stephan, Sacha, and the team on shaping the future of the agile/flow sphere!

If you have any questions about what this means – I’m happy to discuss!

Best, Yuval