Favorite resources – round I

As those who read my posts probably noticed already, I’m quite a heavy user of del.icio.us. I won’t go into what it is, am sure those interested can go there or google it to see whether they like it or not.
I’m playing around with Google Notebook as an alternative, with better google integration obviously, albeit less taxonomy/tagging capabilities.

In any case, I highlighted some of my favourite resources under the rndblog_resources tag, and provided some notes to accompany the links and explain why I find them essential in the favorites list of anyone interested in the contents of this blog (and probably for some people who are NOT that interested in this blog, but then again, they won’t find be here…)

There are more gems in my account, so probably expect future rounds based on existing and new resources I find. I’d love to hear about more resources along those lines – either comment or suggest them to me via the del.icio.us network.
Anyone interested to track my favorites is welcome to join my network

Now for the resources themselves (copy paste from a del.icio.us linkroll page)

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