Favorite resources – round I

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Here is a first round of my favourite resources.As those who read my posts probably noticed already, I'm quite a heavy user of del.icio.us. I won't go into what it is, am sure those interested can go there or google it to see whether they like it or not.I'm playing around with Google Notebook as an alternative, with better google integration obviously, albeit less taxonomy/tagging capabilities.In any case, I highlighted some of my favourite resources under the rndblog_resources tag, and [...]

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David V. Lorenzo posts favorite interviewing questions of people on his Career Intensity BlogHere is his post about mine...At the risk of hinting the people who I interview in the future, also check out my interviewing tag on del.icio.us for a lot of resources on the matter.Why am I open about this?One of my main beliefs in interviewing btw is to try and understand behaviourial aspects in addition to skills. Someone might get a head start for the skills questions [...]

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Fogbugz best practices and other resources

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I intend to post some reference to resources I'm fond of in the area of R&D;, QA, methodology and the like.In the meantime, anyone who's interested in what I have to say will probably see some value in looking at FogBugz Online Documentation. I was referred there by Zeljko Filipin's blog which is aggregated by http://www.testingreflections.com.In addition, my del.icio.us links might provide good resources. seeDefectTracking QA SCM accurev bugtracking bugzilla build ccb continuous_integration continuousintegration defect_management defect_tracking defecttrackingmultiplebranches developement development eclipse [...]

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