David V. Lorenzo posts favorite interviewing questions of people on his Career Intensity Blog

Here is his post about mine…

At the risk of hinting the people who I interview in the future, also check out my interviewing tag on del.icio.us for a lot of resources on the matter.

Why am I open about this?
One of my main beliefs in interviewing btw is to try and understand behaviourial aspects in addition to skills. Someone might get a head start for the skills questions if he prepares, but I think in that area if someone is diligent enough to research his interviewer, go and read multiple resources, learn enough to know the subject, he’s getting extra credit right out of the gate…
For the behaviourial aspects the discussion is more flowing, and no preparation can really help you there.

I cannot finish a post about interviewing without mentioning Johanna Rothman. She’s writing the Hiring Technical People blog, and wrote the Hiring The Best Knowledge Workers, Techies & Nerds: The Secrets & Science Of Hiring Technical People book. Check it out.

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