Orcanos Product Life-cycle Management

A friend refered me to Orcanos QPack. This appears to be another candidate for the Product Life-cycle management segment. The company is based in Israel, and so far I’ve only briefly glanced at their documentation, and it seems interesting. Not much references in Google though…

If anyone has looked into this tool and can compare it to the other tools I mentioned here, please come forward…

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8 thoughts on “Orcanos Product Life-cycle Management”

  1. Hi Yuval

    As one of the founders of Orcanos, I guess I cannot give you recommendations… but I can forward you to our customers (you can check our website), and they will be more than happy to talk with you. I can also come to your company and show you a demonstration.

    My email is zoharp@orcanos.com



  2. Hello Yuval,

    I am using Qpack for nearly 4 months now. I can tell you that Qpack is a great tool for doing Software Lifecycle Management.

    As my company was looking for a SLM tool, we have found many tools, some were too expensive, some did not have all the features you would expect. Qpack is the adequate answer.

    Every part of the software development process is allowed for within Qpack.

    Requirements Engineering:
    With a clear documentation of requirements in detail, Qpack gives the basis of a successful realization. An organizational and date-related adaption of requirements supports the development process and allows its tracability.

    Change Requests:
    QPack supports an extensive documentation and allows a transparent change management.

    Test Management:
    QPack gives various possibilities of test planning and documentation. Test cases can be connected to different requirements and they can be devided into single test steps within a chosen level of detail.

    Execution Sets:
    QPack actively supports the test phase of a development. Test cases can be grouped and assigned to specific testers. The automatic derivation of defects from failed test cases as well as test histories can help simplifying a consistent documentation of test cycles.

    Defect Tracking:
    The sophisticated defect management of QPack increases transparency in the development process. Qpack allows a detailed and version-related defect tracking and supports the documentation with various features.

    Project reports:
    Qpack gives detailed possibilities of summary. Single parts of a project can be analyzed and discussed in diagrams.

    If you have any special questions, just email me to:


    and I would be happy to answer them. Besides QPack, the Orcanos team is a very helpful and friendly team. They guide us through the installation process with patience and experience.



  3. Hi Yuval,

    Intresting you are asking about this tool I also got the chance to see a presentation of Zohar about the product and I was very impressed. Our company decided to take this tool for evaluation and I hear that they have not seen anything so simple to use yet so wide in capturing the whole the processes.

    You can contact me directly at razulay@gmail.com if you have more questions.


  4. As the Product Architect at a small start up, QPack has made it easy for me to write requirements and makes it easy for both QA to write tests and R&D; to develop based on these requirements.

    Writing tests and test execution sets is one of the strong points of QPack as it is very easy to see where the software has instability and prevents duplicate bugs by easily recognizing already existing bugs related to tests and reopening them.

    QPack streamlines the discovery of bugs for QA and resolution of these bugs for R&D.;

    Version control is also supposed to be a strong feature of QPack but as a start up that hasn’t released our first public beta we haven’t reached that point yet.

    Finally, you can’t beat the price and the support. Always there on Skype or Messenger.

  5. Hi Yuval,

    We are also contemplating this set of tools that is supposedly an ALM.
    What is interesting on part of the replies you have recieved is that those are favorable reviews of some of the partners of Orcanos = Lars from Quategra is actually a partner.
    What is missing from this solution is the plug-ins/integration with other specialized solutions. solutions for DB design, object modelling tools, CM tools, customer support tools, QA automation tools are not integrated with this solution.
    The concept as a whole is nice; but, the benefit as compared to segment specific tools provide for specific teams within the SDLC is not clear, not to say minimal. It seems that the developers of the tool did their best to provide the minimal necessities for each of the SDLC stakeholders. Compared to Serena, Borland and even MKS this solutions does not show the vision of integrating with well based tools.

  6. I am a programmer, working for one of the companies that use the Orcanos QPack product.

    In one line: "don't get any near this product !!!"

    In more than one line: "too many issues to list, contact me for more info, at borislip____@____cellebrite.com, remove the _-s"

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