My Large Scale Kanban talk at Lean Kanban Central Europe 2011 Conference

Here is my talk, together with a great visualization provided by the conference organizers. My main points were: Classes of service do apply when developing products. Classes of service don’t cover cases when you need to give different Treatment¬†to different kinds of work, so I introduce Classes of Treatment¬†for context-specific policies for “how to do …

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Slides from my Large Scale Kanban Talk at Lean Kanban Benelux 2011

Here are my slides from my talk today, in prezi form. Some concepts I talk about are Classes of Treatment – not everything deserves the same kind of treatment… Kanban principles scales cleanly from team to portfolio Informing Team/Org Structure from Kanban thinking Context-specific explicit policies more important the higher you scale. Adoption Kanban – …

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Speaking in Lean Kanban Conferences in Europe Oct 2011

I was invited to speak in two Lean Kanban conferences taking place in Europe this fall. I’m very excited about both those conferences. The speakers list is still not closed, but is very interesting on both of them, and it will also be an opportunity to hear case studies from the local region and meet …

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