Building a Test Case Management solution

I’ve recently been looking at how to build a reasonable test case management solution (good!=word documents) for our company. I quickly learned this is not a very developed field. Mercury TestDirector seems to dominate the commercial field, with the other QA product companies (CompuWare, IBM-Rational) following suite, but not there yet. Test Case Management as …

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Customer Relationship Management for a small growing startup

Every startup which reaches a stage where you have customers, realizes at some point that managing the customer relationship throughout the sales life cycle (not just pre-sale but also post-sale) is a process which requires attention.I’ve personally seen a few cases where this realization comes as a reflection on some dropped balls and hurt feelings …

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JIRA – Bug Tracking, issue tracking and project management software

JIRA – Bug Tracking, issue tracking and project management softwareRecently we’ve been looking at overhauling the issue tracker we use for our software development life cycle (SDLC) where I work.We currently use Bugzilla but we think it has serious shortcomings when starting to talk about multiple versions being maintained concurrently, custom fields necessary to track …

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