Scaled Agile

Strategic Themes - Gradable KRs?

Should SAFe Strategic Themes include gradable Key Results?

Strategic Themes in SAFe represent strategic choices at the Enterprise/Portfolio level that should guide decisions throughout the portfolio. A qualitative Objective accompanied by a quantitative, valuable, and measurable evidence-oriented Key Result connected to a portfolio KPI is a great way to make sure the strategic theme is pointing toward desired outcomes without going into too …

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Accelerating Flow Workshop

Applying Flow Accelerators in Context This workshop enables Enterprises and teams implementing and using SAFe to apply the eight Flow Accelerators within their context, learn how their area of flow affects the larger system, and commit as a workshop group to actions they will begin taking immediately. The workshop also refers SAFe customers to existing …

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Accelerate your SAFe Implementation Workshop

Accelerate your SAFe Implementation Workshop Designed for organizations who are leveraging Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe™) to improve their business agility, our Accelerating your SAFe™ Implementation Workshop focuses on re-aligning your SAFe implementation approach and identifying opportunities to accelerate flow and improve outcomes created by your SAFe ARTs, Value Streams and Portfolios. Going beyond training, this …

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Iterating faster with SAFe

Here’s a frequently asked question in the SAFe community: I wanted to understand what SAFe says about someone who wants to go faster than 2 weeks of iteration? I mean the whole PI concept is based on 5 iterations worth of planning. What if a team/organization wants to develop and synchronize faster than 2 weeks? …

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