Why Agile Testing

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Background I recently had a couple of weeks with a few activities related to "Agile Testing". "Agile Testing" for those not familiar with it is the name we give to the set of thinking guidelines, principles and practices that help run the testing aspects of product development/maintenance in a more effective way under an Agile delivery approach. A question that came up while presenting the concepts today at a client was "What's broken? Why do we need this?". While my [...]

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Read my article on the journey of a Tester from waterfall land to Agile/Kanban land (in Hebrew…)

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A couple of months ago I ran into Think Testing - a new magazine for testers in israel (published in Hebrew). I found it very interesting, and decided I want to contribute. My article has been published in issue number #3. It tries to provide some insight on the experience of a tester when his organization/team decides to go Agile. (Update: article no longer available in original location so use slideshare now) I also like the design work they are [...]

Collaborating with specialized roles using kanban classes of service

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  I want to share a solution I came up with together with a team of performance / non-functional testing, working in a product group in a large enterprise. This solution deals with the challenge of bridging the principles of "Those who build the system test it", "Non functional testing is a collaboration role", and the fact that specialized roles such as performance testers are usually stretched to cover the demand for their services.  This group wanted Performance testing for [...]

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Lean/Agile Testing

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I've been a bit quiet lately on the blog front (as well as twitter for those who are following) Mainly I've been busy preparing an Agilesparks Agile Testing training with Ronen Bar Nahor. While a lot of work, it has been a great experience. We tried to take some of the Lean/Kanban work we've been focused on lately and apply it to the Testing domain. Those following my blog can see some of that thinking already.  Applying concepts like Limited [...]

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So what is the right ratio between developers and testers?

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One of the questions I'm asked quite frequently is what is the right ratio between developers and testers. A variant on that question is what I typically see in other organizations as the ratio. Well lets answer the second variant and then try to deal with the first. Typically what we see in agilesparks customers is 2:1 or 3:1. There are some exceptions of 3:2 or 5:1 but they are quite rare. What is right? Well as u might expect [...]

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