Kanban Training after Scrum Gathering Atlanta May 10-11 2012

I’m proud to be on the speaker roster for Scrum Gathering Atlanta this May. I will be talking about why I think Continuous Improvement is broken and share thoughts, tips and examples from the field of how to fix it:

Avoiding Stalled Improvement Programs – WHY Improvement is broken and HOW to make Continuous Improvement more appealing to Management?
Yuval Yeret
WHY do many change programs take off with great energies only to stall mid-flight when they run out of management attention/interest fuel?
Something is broken in the way the improvement cycles scale in the organization. We will recall WHY Continuous Improvement across the organization is critical to sustainable agility and HOW to make it stick using Focus and Integration into the management routine, as well as WHAT you can do tomorrow in your organization to drive towards a more healthy improvement program.

I’m excited to be talking in an international Scrum conference for the first time. As most blog followers know I’m known more as a Kanban practitioner/thinker, but am trying to bring the two worlds together. One of the ways I’ve been trying to do that is to introduce people familiar with Scrum to the Kanban Method so they can add it to their arsenal rather than be afraid of it.

AgileSparks decided to take the opportunity that I’m already in Atlanta with lots of people coming to the Scrum gathering as well as several clients of ours who have big offices in the area, and we are opening our Kanban Training on the 10-11 of May just after the Scrum Gathering ends. This training includes a ScrumBan case study as well as comparison of Scrum and Kanban and some tips how to leverage the best of both. It is also an Accredited Kanban Training as part of the Lean Kanban University Accredited Kanban Program.

If you’ll come, we will have a chance to discuss my thoughts about Scrum Sprint Commitment, how Scrum and Kanban are similar in their approach to complexity and some other popular discussion topics. AgileSparks is a company mashing up Scrum and Kanban in almost all of our client projects so we have lots of real world experience to share…


Whether you are visiting Atlanta for the Scrum Gathering or local to the area and interested about this new evolutionary approach to improving how technology maintenance/development organizations deliver value, I invite you to join me on May 10-11 for an exciting two days filled with fresh ideas, exercises, and many actionable practices you can try back in the office the day after. Check out the workshop information page and let us know if you’re interested.


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