Professional Agile Leadership – Evidence Based Management (PAL-EBM)

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As organizations scale up, maintaining and improving alignment between strategy and execution becomes harder and harder. The Evidence-Based Management™ (EBM) framework is an Agile approach to help leaders guide their teams toward continuously improving customer outcomes, organizational capabilities, and business results leveraging. EBM brings agile principles to the wider organization and helps you implement alignment frameworks such as OKRs. The Professional Agile Leadership w/ Evidence Based Management (PAL-EBM) workshop is for professionals in leadership roles (including executives, managers, PMOs, Chiefs of Staff, OKR Champions, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, coaches, and consultants) who are looking to improve strategic alignment leveraging agility principles and ways of thinking.

Why Agile Testing

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Background I recently had a couple of weeks with a few activities related to "Agile Testing". "Agile Testing" for those not familiar with it is the name we give to the set of thinking guidelines, principles and practices that help run the testing aspects of product development/maintenance in a more effective way under an Agile delivery approach. A question that came up while presenting the concepts today at a client was "What's broken? Why do we need this?". While my [...]

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Kanban Training after Scrum Gathering Atlanta May 10-11 2012

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I'm proud to be on the speaker roster for Scrum Gathering Atlanta this May. I will be talking about why I think Continuous Improvement is broken and share thoughts, tips and examples from the field of how to fix it: Avoiding Stalled Improvement Programs - WHY Improvement is broken and HOW to make Continuous Improvement more appealing to Management? Yuval Yeret WHY do many change programs take off with great energies only to stall mid-flight when they run out of [...]

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Kanban Accredited Training Workshop @ Israel March 21-22

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As I wrote about earlier, AgileSparks is proud to be one of the charter members of the Lean Kanban University Accredited Kanban Program. I'll be running our first Accredited Kanban Training workshop on March 21-22 in Herzelyia, Israel. This is our highly-praised Kanban training which has been fine-tuned in the last months to align with the LKU Standard Curriculum.  As a student in the class this means you are getting a high quality Kanban Curriculum aligned with the leaders of [...]

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Check out a Prezi for one of my Kanban Training workshops

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Kanban Training on Prezi I decided to get back to Prezi as an alternative to Powerpoint. Its capabilities seem to be a good match for my kind of materials - Visuals of boards, charts, etc. where you want to zoom in on details, show flows, etc. A specific opportunity is coming up that is making that even a better idea, so I finally took the plunge 2 years after my last real use of Prezi I dove in again. So much fun, [...]

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Highlight slides from the Agilesparks Kanban for Managers Workshop

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Last week I ran another round of our Kanban for Managers workshop.  So far, I'm excited about the feedback I read and hear. I think Kanban is making sense to people, and any role we as consultants can play in this is great.  Several people want to present what they learned to their peers/management, and asked for some slides.  I think any effective training should have a "call to action" kit you leave with.  Slides are a good start, and [...]

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Pictures from Kanban workshop for Managers

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Today I delivered the first public Kanban workshop for managers in Israel The feedback was great overall, and there is a lot of interest in creating a community to keep taking this forward. We'll see how to do that In the meantime see some pictures from the event over at agilesparks, thanks to Gil from Agilesparks for the photography!

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