Why Agile Testing

Background I recently had a couple of weeks with a few activities related to “Agile Testing”. “Agile Testing” for those not familiar with it is the name we give to the set of thinking guidelines, principles and practices that help run the testing aspects of product development/maintenance in a more effective way under an Agile …

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Kanban Accredited Training Workshop @ Israel March 21-22

As I wrote about earlier, AgileSparks is proud to be one of the charter members of the Lean Kanban University Accredited Kanban Program. I’ll be running our first Accredited Kanban Training workshop on March 21-22 in Herzelyia, Israel. This is our highly-praised Kanban training which has been fine-tuned in the last months to align with …

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Check out a Prezi for one of my Kanban Training workshops

Kanban Training on Prezi I decided to get back to┬áPrezi as an alternative to Powerpoint. Its capabilities seem to be a good match for my kind of materials – Visuals of boards, charts, etc. where you want to zoom in on details, show flows, etc. A specific opportunity is coming up that is making that …

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