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Organizing around Outcomes with OKRs and Scrum

Aligning Scrum Team Topology to Strategy with OKRs and Product Goals Yeah, I know. Could I squeeze more buzzwords into the title? I guess I could include Digital Transformation, Cloud, AI, and Machine Learning for effect. But seriously, I wanted to share some insights around how to align your Scrum Teams to your strategy leveraging OKRs …

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Using Scrum for Improving Operations

I’m encountering more and more people that are trying to solve different kind of problems with Scrum: People designing Consumer Goods Accounting professionals focused on Revenue Accounting Marketers of many kinds Healthcare professionals. I’ve been having some interesting discussions with them that I thought I might share. One of the key questions I start a …

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Entrepreneurial Operating System® / Traction®- How does it relate to Agile/Scrum?

I’m hearing from more and more companies that are using the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®) and are also looking at or practicing Agile e.g., using Scrum. In discussions with these companies, two key questions surface time after time: My teams want to use Agile/Scrum — is that aligned with the fact that we’re using EOS® in the …

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To Infinity and Beyond — Achieving Organizational Agility

Agile Development — Just A Starting Point Towards Organizational Agility For many people Agile is “Agile Development”. They use agile to improve the effectiveness and agility of software organizations. For these people scaling agile typically means developing even larger programs/products with an agile development approach. Scaling Sideways Towards Business Agility Scaling agile has another meaning — scaling sideways and handling …

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